Following the recent innovation and developments in the sector, our company directs its investments, and we hereby aim to introduce you the cutting edge technology by our human resources policy which attaches a special importance to development and with our competent and trained personel.

  • At our plant; acquiring the following properties; photogravure printing – having 10 color limitless color combination with sensitive tolerance production ability- solvent dry and fresh lamination, solvent free lamination and partial cold seal application, BOPP, CPP, MOPP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, aluminum folio , double or multi-layered lamination, cold seal, thermo-lacquering, PVdC lacquering applications are available, with requested size- slicing ability.

  • At our photogravure printing plant acquiring 10 color limitless color combination ability, BOPP, PET, PVC, CPP, PVC lacquering, LDPE aluminum folio and paper materials- printing, double or multi- layered lamination, cold seal, thermo-lacquering, PVdC lacquering, photogravure printing on various products and lamination , thermal and cold applications are available.


  • Photogravure Printing - Rotogravure Print Units
  • Lamination Unit
  • Cold Seal, Lacquering and Lamination Unit
  • Slicing Unit