About Us

Som Ambalaj A.Ş entered into service with photogravure printing plants which was established in Karaman Organized Industrial Zone in 2003. Our company has taken its start up as a reference for its achievement, has been following all technologic developments worldwide and adding these developments to its technical equipment at an optimal level, thus our company hereby aims to introduce the best naturally.

  • Growing and developing every passing day, our company has made new investments, within this context, has expedited machine, tool-equipment purchases. Our existing production capacity has increased by the end of 2011.
  • Som Ambalaj A.Ş., which operates on a total area of 47.000 m², including Som Ambalaj-1 13.000 m² closed and 20.000 m² open area, Som Ambalaj-2 3.000 m² closed and 11.000 m² open area, has grown rapidly and has made its name and quality mentioned in the printing sector in a very short time.
  • Directing its 40% of its capacity to exports, our company has established its infrastructure abroad as well. Som Ambalaj has been attempting to contribute to the national economy with its exportation and has become popular both inside the country and abroad by achieving quality production. We aim to introduce our customers the best quality and service in a rapid manner.

During the process starting from design up to production, we are always with you at every stage; order and payment, delivery.


We aim to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level by rapid production and delivery.



Keeping the customer satisfaction at the forefront based on the total quality concept, without compromising from total quality philosophy with dynamic marketing organization, to develop the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the existing product and services continuously.
To protect and maintain the institutional structure and company culture.


To follow up the technology closely and to increase our product and service range and to provide our customers to receive the highest added value from our product and services.
To use our qualified employees at the highest level and to meet our employees’ work satisfaction, happiness and educational needs perfect.